Parents Must be Active Parents

Happy Family by Vera Kratochvil

Happy Family by Vera Kratochvil

Parents need to play an active role in patenting. Most families are double income families where children are shoved between the child care facility, home and school. At home technology is raising them as exhausted parents prepare meals and pay bills. Most children, as young as 5 years old, frequent the Internet with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter being their favorite websites.

Their role models are celebrities whose lives are displayed in their sexually explicit music videos and reality shows.

Most children as young as eight years old can recognize Lady Gaga but not Jesus.


2 responses to “Parents Must be Active Parents

    • I believe double income households work best when there is work life balance. Unfortunately many couples are unable to achieve this goal and it certainly takes a toll on the entire family. However, I believe that most couples that work full time have the best of intentions for their family.
      I believe that parents must not allow their children too much access to the internet at all. There are very obvious health concerns but the social concerns are subtle. I have witnessed 4 year olds watching Lady Gaga music videos. What are they learning about acceptable adult behavior? When they are exposed to other sexually explicit content, it becomes their norm. They lose their innocence at a very young age. In addition to that, many children are bullied cruelly on the internet. They have so much nonstop access to information, especially one that is hurtful to them, that they are unable to cope with it. Bullies follow their victims home partly because the victim allows them into their lives 24/7. Being able to ignore it is not an option anymore because it is always there.

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