Deteriorating Education

educationI’ve been a private tutor to students of ages 8 to 17 for 6 years. In these years, I have witnessed the deterioration of education, especially at the elementary school (kindergarten to grade 6) level.

Some of my students were enrolled in private tutoring agencies as well. Tutoring agencies focus on perfecting the fundamentals of math, reading and writing. They employ a simple formula; teach the basics, daily repetition, and progress only when the student has mastered the basics. Tutoring centers do not allow students to learn a new lesson unless they perfect the current one and the standards for perfection are high. Students must score 80% on the assessment test in order to learn higher material.

By contrast, students in elementary school are socially promoted to the next grade even if they fail every subject. Generally, students learn very little and very slowly in elementary school. For example, many students are still learning their multiplication tables in grade 8.

Unfortunately when students commence high school, they are ill prepared. For example, many French teachers are forced to teach students English grammar prior to teaching them French grammar. Education becomes realistic. Likewise, when they commence post-secondary education, they realize that they are significantly weaker than the international students in many disciplines, especially math and science.


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