Promiscuous Heels

highheelpinkbootsA while ago I bought a pair of high heel ankle boots. They looked like a work of art to me, and I bought them on sale, so I was excited about them. When I arrived at home with them, I made a video call to my husband to show him my beautiful pair of boots. His response at first, and last, glance, “Eww what? They look slutty!”

Not exactly what I had expected, as you can guess. Slutty is not what I had expected. That remark made me think hard about my 4.25 inch high heels. What would make my husband say that about my heels? They were to be a fashionable item. Nothing else. They were gorgeous.  But why?

After doing a bit of research, I stumbled across an interesting observation about Western women. In most animal species, males display extravagant symbols of fitness to attract females. Males display themselves while the females calmly choose. Similarly, in many non-Western societies women are pursued by men. By contrast, Western women pursue men as often as men pursue women. Consequently, Western women, due to social dynamics, display themselves extravagantly, as often as men. Women, usually, are unable to wait and choose among the best men, rather they must display themselves and have men choose them instead.

According to Smith and Helms of Emory University, women wear high heels because in the western world women need to display their “fitness enhancing aspects”. It is sexual symbolism. It highlights a woman’s “reproductive value”. It illustrates a woman’s power, confidence and sexuality.

So attracting mates is an intrinsic animal behavior, to which human females are not immune. Since high heels force more sexually attractive posture, they have intrinsically become a physical symbol of a woman’s reproductive health. As a result, every woman in high heels is signalling that she is available, whether she likes it or not.

I have answered my question. Life is unfair.


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