What About Blind Faith ?

This raises some questions …


A friend sent this to me from: http://i.imgur.com/6kH49je.jpg


2 responses to “What About Blind Faith ?

  1. Consider that our entire, modern, industrialized world is the product of “blind” faith by one or only a hand full of individuals who had no evidence whatever that their unfounded notions would ever come to fruition: To wit:

    · Max Planck—key to understanding the workings of the universe rooted in “quanta” (even Einstein, who proved the mathematical sensibility of Max’s ungrounded sentiment, disbelieved)
    · The automobile had greater practicality, in the future, than the horse and buggy
    · Robert Goddard—men would one day walk on the moon, by consequence of his invention (Time magazine led the world in a course of laughter)
    · The military invested years of energy and money in the development of the laser beam as a weapon, when, initially there was not the slightest evidence that there was the least bit of reason to believe that anything useful would ever come of the idea!
    · Boeing, w/o evidence, believed in the future of civilian/commercially-oriented aviation, while McDonald Douglas believed that the “evidence” favored a military orientation!
    · And, so on, and so forth!

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