What It Means To Be A Woman In India


It goes back to a deeply engrained patriarchal system that treats women as lesser beings. Women are meant to be confined at home, their lives revolving around household chores, giving birth, and serving men (whether it is their fathers, fathers-in-law, husbands, brothers, brothers-in-law, or even sons). The ‘importance’ of women is obvious when one finds out that more than a third of child brides live in India. The sole purpose of a woman is to be married and to bear children. Age is just a number in this matter and the earlier a girl is married, the less of a burden she is to her parents.

Any woman who moves out of this domestic system is a deviant, a woman without values. Any woman who discards traditional concealing garments for more revealing outfits is a woman who is ‘asking for it’. Any woman who is free and independent, making her own career choices and choosing her own partner deserves to be punished – because that is not her place. She cannot choose the way she wants to live her own life. Because of this growing independence of women, some men think it is their duty to show women their ‘place’.

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