Most Useful School Subjects


In high school, I have taken many different courses from many different disciplines. Currently I am about to complete my undergraduate education and I have been reflecting on how well my high school academic experience has prepared me for real life.

I have created a list of courses that I believe have prepared me well and would also benefit future students.

1) Math

  • Opened doors to many practical and in demand fields such as actuarial sciences, computer science, engineering, etc.
  • Taught me problem solving skills and helped me think more analytically; one cannot memorize a few formulas and expect to solve problems, one must learn to make connections and think “outside the box”.

2) Computer Engineering Technology/Hardware/Software/Science

  • Helped me understand how computers work and since computers control virtually all aspects of civilization, one must understand them.
  • I believe everyone must know how to solve their basic computer problems rather than rely on others for help; be independent and informed. This is especially true for women who are stereotyped often when they inquire about computer problems.

3) History

  • I learnt about the past and understood how politics contributed to World War I and World War II.
  • I am able to see patterns from the past re-emerge slowly.
  • I am more aware of political alliances and how they can contribute to, mediate or prevent conflicts.

4) Exercise Science

  • I learnt how the human body works on a higher level. 
  • I learnt about nutrition on a microscopic level.
  • At the end of this course, I was able to create my own healthy diet and exercise plans to accomplish a variety of goals.

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