It must be a struggle


Sociology professor Catherine Corrigall-Brown, who studies social movements and indigenous politics, observed, “All social movements have a struggle, which is how do you deal with a chronic problem and make it salient? ” Petitions only go so far and eventually, it’s time put on those pair of comfortable walking shoes and say, “Rubber soles…meet road”.  The youth in Quebec have also led the way in standing up to the architects of austerity in Montreal this past summer, eventually winning concessions in proposed tuition increases for university students and backing off of a ban on public demonstrations. It will take courage to stand up to the ruling class and true shared sacrifice, which many Americans have become tiresomely accustomed to doing, whether it be sending sons and daughters off to war without end or unceasing cuts in wages, job benefits and standards of living. Meanwhile, the elites and ruling class in America make not one single relinquishment of the opulence and wealth that fuels lifestyles beyond Robin Leach’s wildest champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Finally, peace to Bradley Manning who was told by a military judge that he could not use the whistleblower defense in his trial but it was okey dokey to bring it up in the sentencing phase. At least, he’ll get four months off a possible life sentence because the judge determined “that he was subjected to excessively harsh treatment in military detention.” You can’t make this stuff up.

via It must be a struggle.


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