Most Useless School Subject


In high school, I have taken many different courses from many different disciplines. Currently I am about to complete my undergraduate education and I have been reflecting on how well my high school academic experience has prepared me for real life.

Here is the course that I believe was the most useless course that I have taken.

High School English

English is suppose to improve my writing skills, communication etc. However, it was utterly useless since it rarely achieved its goals.

  1. I never learnt any English grammar in English class. I learnt most of it from my French classes because our French teachers had to waste their time teaching us English grammar before teaching us French grammar.
  2. I read stories that my father read in his high school days, for example Shakespeare. Rome and Juliet were not in love rather it was all infatuation and teenagers nowadays know how silly Romeo and Juliet were. Moreover most of the stories don’t resonate with the students, who ultimately end up hating Shakespeare without truly understanding his plays.
  3. All we did was learn to write essays but the essay format never changed.
  4. Everything was redundant and I felt I was never learning anything new.
  5. I cannot see how English, as it is taught currently, can ever benefit any student in real life.

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