The giant and the boy who threw stones


While more than 1,000 airstrikes, supplemented by American made drones, have pounded Gaza the narrative stays the same that Israel is acting in self-defense. Hmm, let’s see…Israel is a thermonuclear nation defending itself against a population that has to bring their supplies in through tunnels from Egypt and are not allowed to receive humanitarian aid or export goods to build their economy? The Palestinian fighter firing rockets from his shoulder is the equivalent of bringing a Swiss army knife to a gunfight. In what world is this argument even feasible from “respected” thinkers?  But…but…the Palestinians strap bombs to their chests and blow up innocent civilians. Well, dear reader(s?), again context is indispensable for comprehension. It’s a common tactic in wars of attrition to create the conditions economically, politically and psychologically, in which one side oppresses the other side to the point where tension and resentment build like a pot of boiling water to the point where violence seems like the only option. This is exactly what the oppressor wants as it then gives them the previously absent moral justification for the use of force to deal with the matter. When someone reads about a suicide bomber killing people in a crowded bus the reflexive reaction is that the victims have a right to defend themselves by any means necessary. Again, that two sides to every coin adage pops up its annoying head to remind us that the people of Gaza are the ones crowded into an out of sight out of mind concentration camp under conditions that are reminiscent of apartheid South Africa or the segregated South. Maybe the U.N. should just finally start calling Gaza and the West Bank reservations so at least they can build some casinos there.

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