Same Sex Marriage


Britain has legalized gay marriage today. February 5, 2013. We are in the 21st century.

Why are we still “discussing” and “debating” gay rights? Whose business is it if two people of the same gender want to marry?

We must let people live the way they choose to live. There is absolutely no reason that the state should dictate who can live what lifestyle. This is a secular decision and not a religious decision.

The Western countries portray themselves as the” advocates of human rights”  when they themselves subdue their citizens to human rights violations.

Currently there are millions of people suffering from war, famine, homelessness, diseases, etc. worldwide. If we can spend our time, energy and resources into these causes, we can relieve a great amount of suffering.


One response to “Same Sex Marriage

  1. One of the ultimate objectives of gay men, through the efforts of their NAMBLA (North American, Man Boy Love Association, “sic”!) lobbying group, is to co-habit with your seven year old son (grandson?), as when a man lives with his wife (an actual female!). That’s where their contrabutions to the desablization of society and of the traditional “home” (based on a man and a naturally born, legitmate “female” wife) is headed, for them. Is that what you want?

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