We are all Palestinians



… When I consider my present standard of living in relation to that of the Palestinian people who have been livin’ la vida loca of modern day concentration camp conditions for decades, it’s like that feeling you get when you walk by a homeless person on the street. The recently granted United Nations non-member observer state status is a small step toward making the Velveteen Palestinians really real. Consequently, it is within this context of in plain sight, state sanctioned oppression and human rights violations that I have discovered a correlation between the policies of the Israeli government with that of our own American handlers, er, distinguished states(wo)men. The conclusions that can be drawn lead to the uncomfortable realization that most of us have more in common with the Palestinian people than we care to admit and a sobering acceptance that their struggle is our struggle. What we do with knowledge once it is gained hopefully leads one to, as Kindergarten teachers like to say, “make a good choice“. But before any decision can be made we have to first acknowledge that the sides have already been picked on the global playground and that the games have already started without us….

Read original article here: We are all Palestinians.


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