What a World We Live In? :(

We live in a world where …fire

  1. Our parents have become a burden and nuisance for us so we neglect them or send them to nursing homes.
  2. Celebrities barely dressed are glorified while teachers are hated.
  3. We spend hours reading tabloids and watching “Entertainment News” and we rarely focus on  human rights in developing countries.
  4. Our children are bullying each other to the point of suicide.
  5. Our neighbors maybe starving tonight, unknown to us, as we waste most of the food we have.
  6. Many people around the world are grateful for each day that they are alive while many others waste their lives drinking, smoking and using drugs.
  7. We believe and support our politicians with docility even though their judgements contradict facts easily available to us.
  8. To say “I love you” to someone, one must spend a fortune for it to be legitimate love.

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