Alternative Theories and Cures for Cancer

healthTheory for the Cause of Cancer

There is a theory for the cause of cancer, which is often ignored and unknown to many. It asserts that cancer is caused by microbes, which then damage the DNA. In other words, DNA damage is not the cause of cancer, rather it is a symptom of the attack on the cells by microbes. This idea was proposed by Royal Rife, an American inventor, who cured cancer in animals and then eventually 16 human beings from the 1930s to 1950s using his bean ray device.

Cancer Cure Approaches

Moreover, there are many cures for cancer provided by alternative medicine that claim to  revert cancerous cells to healthy cells. By contrast, there are other alternative treatments that focus on increasing the nutrients in a patient’s body, using supplements to destroy cancer cells and a detoxification of the body.  This particular approach was used by Dr. Kelley, an orthodontist from Texas who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and cured himself. Furthermore, Dr. Kelley claims to have helped over 33, 000 patients with cancer with a 90% cure rate.


Most patients and their families are unaware of the different options available to them and the success rate of alternative medicine. In addition to that, alternative medicine is rarely covered by government or private health insurance programs, hence the patient is usually unable to afford good quality care. Moreover, many organizations that are dedicated to alternative theories of the cause and cure for cancer are severely underfunded, therefore, they are unable to inform the general public of their services as effectively as conventional medical institutions.


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