Why are Canadians worth less than Americans?

After comparing job advertisements on Canadian university campuses aimed at new graduates, one will find many surprises. The mostmoney surprising aspect is the difference in pay for jobs located in Canada to jobs located in the U.S.A.; a difference of over $20,000 per year.

A financial services company is offering $55,000 a year to its new graduate hires in Mississauga Ontario while a similar financial services company in New Jersey will offer $84,000 a year to its new graduates. Both companies are industry leaders and are hiring for similar positions. Another example is of a technology company in Waterloo Ontario which offers its new graduates a starting salary of $60,000 per year while a similar company in Redmond Washington will offer new graduates $100,000 per year as a starting salary. Again each company is hiring for a similar position and each company’s global impact is comparable.

I am about to graduate from university. I specialize in the technology sector and I saw some job advertisements on campus for new graduates with a starting salary of $150,000 per year located in the U.S.A. At first I was surprised, then I was frustrated, then I was angry. Why is my labour valued at $60,000 a year in Canada but almost twice that in the United States? Why as Canadians are we worth less?

canadaflagIn Canada we have the high quality jobs that ensure we prosper. The jobs do pay very well, even to new graduates. However, most Canadians have better opportunities in the United States. The American pay scale attracts the brightest of minds.

Why are Canadians worth less than American?

About myself:
The reader maybe wondering whether I have applied for any of these jobs. The answer, no I have not. My love of Toronto has kept me here. My love of my community has kept me here. I am a young woman who has grown up in Toronto. I love this city and I love this country. I want to live here, in Toronto, and prosper. I want my future to be in Toronto. This is my home and I love it.


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    • The cost of living is high but perhaps not as high as Manhattan.
      It varies greatly. The main expense is the rent/mortgage. In downtown Toronto the rent in a small (500 sq feet) apartment/condominium is $1,500 in a decent neighborhood. Then other parts of Toronto are in the $1,000s.
      Then in Canada we have extremely high taxes (14% but varies with province) on processed goods and higher on electronics so everything becomes expensive.

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