Conclusions to be Drawn

Big Brother Is Watching You by Petr Kratochvil

Big Brother Is Watching You by Petr Kratochvil

I believe information technology is predominantly responsible for privacy violation because it can never guarantee privacy protection, even in the most critical situations. Moreover, users of information technology are illiterate in the domain of data flow, data security and privacy laws, which creates a culture of acceptance of low privacy protection standards and slow change to insufficient privacy protection procedures. Furthermore, users, especially in Canadian society, expect the government to regulate and protect their privacy and assume that sufficient standards are in place to provide them with ultimate privacy protection.

Users generally do not realize that as soon as data is uploaded to the internet, it remains there permanently, i.e. there is no method to delete every instance of their data. Furthermore, they do not understand the data flow from their device to the data’s final resting point. They do not understand the different stages of data flow and that privacy protection is required at every stage of data transfer. Subsequently, the lack of comprehension from the users contributes to the vendors creating and employing insufficient privacy protection protocols. Consequently, information technology is developed without sufficient emphasis and consideration towards privacy protection.

Furthermore, users are unaware of the fact that privacy protection is generally related to identifiable traits so it is legal for organizations to collect confidential data, provided they conceal identifiable traits such as social insurance numbers, home addresses and phone numbers. Scanning of emails for advertisement targeting purposes is a typical example of such flawed assumption. For example Google’s privacy policy does not deny collecting private and confidential information, it only assures Google will not identify its users .

Information technology is a remarkable tool that can be used to enhance privacy. However, the rate at which new technologies are introduced and accepted without research should be stopped and reviewed. Users should exercise the responsible use of information technology rather than naively assume they are protected. Information technology is a critical aspect of our society and it is accessible to us at an early age, hence it is crucial to teach and practice use with caution and exercise critical thinking to prevent the loss of privacy.

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