Career or Marriage

There is a 22 year old woman who is about to graduate from university. She is a young ambitious professional who has a high paying job waiting for her at the end of the summer. She has found the love of her life and after being committed to each other for over two years, they intend to marry each other in the future. The couple is of South Asian background.

The woman wants to have a career and become self-sufficient. She does not want to go from her parents’ house directly to her future husband’s house. Rather, she wants to gain her independence, build a successful career and when she feels she has the strength to take care of herself in every way, she will agree to marry. She does not want to rely on anyone, even her husband, to fulfil her needs, especially economic needs. Her parents and significant other are extremely supportive of her. By contrast, the young man’s mother is not.

Her future mother-in-law wants the couple married as soon as possible. She does not want the young woman to have a career. She wants her to be a house-wife. She wants grandchildren. She is desperately trying to have her son married. All of her friends have married children. Daily arguments have caused severe strain on the mother and son relationship. This stress has propagated into the lives of the couple as well.

It is very difficult to see what this mother-in-law-to-be’s intensions are. Is she desperately trying to have her children married, which is an expectation in South Asian culture? Is she truly concerned about her son’s future?

The young woman is caught between two choices. Choice one, marry at the age of 23, calm the daily social storm and forget searching for independence. Choice two, follow her dreams and continue her hard work to create a stable future for herself while the social storm brews wilder.


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